Monday, May 31, 2010

Small Businesses need help.

Today, I went to a well known Las Vegas mall. It has been about 2 months since I visited this mall. I noticed 5 more stores closed and at least one of the independent stands was missing.

Several of the stores in the mall advertise on my coupon site. One of the stores that was out of business was the store that I wanted to visit because they had not been using my site for coupons.

I went to one store that advertises on my site and talked to the owner. He said that he "was just hanging on. He felt that he may have to close.

Then I visited 3 stores that had indicated an interest in advertising the last time I visited the mall. They all indicated that they were going out of business within a few months if things didn't improve.

That is why I am trying to help small businesses as I campaign. The main issue in this election is the economy. If the current legislature is not replaced with people who will fight to prevent tax increases and who will fight to reduce government spending, we will have a big tax increase in 2011. I am afraid that we will have a payroll tax on business which would cause small businesses, like those mentioned above, to close.

Things will only get worse.

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