Saturday, March 20, 2010

30 million new patients will mean rationing by doctors.

This letter to the editor says that the new healthcare program will mean rationing by doctors because you will be adding 20 to 30 million new patients that the existing doctors will have to see. The writer, who is the director of Sunrise Hospital Rehabilitation Center, a doctor for 28 years and a life-long Nevadan states that doctors are already at the breaking point and they will have to ration health care.

He also questions the cost of the program and the methods being used to get the healthcare program passed. He also says,
Personally, I would feel much better if everyone in Congress who wants this bill to pass had to sign a commitment that if they vote for it, they would all dump their own Cadillac plan and immediately join the new plan they say is good for America. Am I wrong in thinking if it's good enough for all of us, then it should be good enough for every member of Congress?

You should read this letter because it makes a lot of sense.

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