Friday, March 26, 2010




'Top legal officials from 14 states across the country on Tuesday filed lawsuits challenging an overhaul of the U.S.' $2.5 trillion healthcare system, minutes after President Barack Obama signed the landmark legislation. Why didn't Nevada's Attorney General join? Why is Nevada's Attorney General Mastos dragging her feet?' asked Joel Hansen, Independent American Candidate for Nevada Attorney General.

Hansen today praised Governor Gibbons for directing Attorney General Mastos to file suit against Obamacare. 'The question I have, is why hasn't Mastos already sued the federal government? Why did she remain silent and not join the 14 other states in threatening suit when the 'cornhusker kickback' deal was exposed in which Senator Reid sold out Nevada's interests and agreed to let Nebraska have a free ride on health care in order to bribe Nebraska's Senator into voting for it? And now she remains silent in face of this medical monstrosity, a frankenstein created by Congress which if left unchecked will destroy us all.'

'Mastos should have had the complaint drawn up and ready to file the moment the bill was signed,' said Hansen. 'This bill is truly an unconstitutional obamanation. If I were presently Attorney General, I would have filed suit immediately in federal court, along with these other 14 states. The federal government was not given the power under the Constitution to tell people that they must buy health insurance. Obamacare also violates the Tenth Amendment, in that health care is not a power delegated to Congress and thus must remain with the States or with the people. This law destroys America’s economic and personal freedoms as no other federal law has ever done before. It must be stopped, and as Attorney General, I will lead Nevada's legal fight against this wholesale destruction of our cherished liberties,' vowed Hansen.

'This bill will utterly destroy our privacy as the feds will have total access to everyone's entire health records. The government will have direct access to our bank accounts for electronic transfer of funds to pay medical bills. Health care for Seniors will be rationed. Doctors will be told by the government how much money they can make. All employers will be forced to enroll all employees. Even employees who do not want coverage will be forced to sign up. All doctors no matter their specialty will receive the same pay. The government will provide an approved list of end of life resources to guide you into death--i.e. the government will decide whether you should live or die. And the horrific list goes on,' stated Hansen.

'Attorney General Mastos has shown a dismal lack of courage and leadership. She has failed Nevada. Nevadans should now give her an "F" in November and elect a new Attorney General, one who will truly stand up for Nevada, instead of the interests of the liberal Eastern Democrats. Cortez Mastos and Harry Reid are destroying Nevada--together. We must stop them. Nevadans should elect an Attorney General who will stand up for Nevada and stop this madness and usurpation.'

'Nevada should join other states in a growing, nationwide fight against health care overhaul. Our governor should call a Special Session of the legislature to pass a measure requiring the state attorney general to sue the federal government if residents are forced to buy health insurance.' Hansen pointed out that similar legislation is pending in 37 other states. .

I am asking the same thing. This bill could be unconstituional on several issues.

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