Friday, March 5, 2010

Progress on my election campaign.

On 3/1/2010, I filed to run for State Senator in District 9. The next day the Review Journal listed the candidates who had filed.

I have ordered signs and business cards. I will start campaigning next week. My wife, Raye, and I will be available for speaking engagements to any group who is interested.

We will discuss the Constitution, the various forms of government, and my platform.

If your group is interested, please contact me at


  1. I like your site and would vote for you, but I am not in your District.

    I think that you stand on illegal immigration is good and I also like the idea about holding the driver's license until one has a diploma or is 21.

  2. We are very interested in having you speak to our group, we like they way you "think outside the box." We would like to hear more of your ideas. Please respond to Thank you Mrs. Montgomery