Sunday, March 14, 2010

GOP is afraid of Tea Party candidate.

This letter to the editor is about how the GOP is afraid of the Tea Party candidate. It also suggests that we need new political parties.

The Republicans and Democrats have been in control of the legislative and executive branches of government for over 100 years. I was a teenager in the fifties. I remember when one could graduate from high school get an average job and pay their rent with one weeks pay. They would be able to buy a car and live a good life.

I remember when children could play outside until after dark safely. I remember when one could board an airplane without a strip search. I remember when you didn't have to worry about losing your home and jobs were plentiful.

After all these years of Republican and Democratic government, do you feel safer, feel more secure, or have more freedom?

We need to vote for independent parties to send a message that we have had enough and we will fight back with our vote.

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