Monday, March 8, 2010

Lawmakers get creative and maybe illegal.

This article in the Las Vegas Sun entitled "M resort not alone in questoning legality of Legislature's raid on wastewater money."

This is another example of the Legislature's failure to really face the problems of Nevada's budget. To balance the budget and save educational cuts, they tried to use easy short cuts instead of facing the problem.

The problem is unnecessary, reckless, and wasteful government spending. By reducing the administration expenses by cutting personel and salaries, the government budget can be reduced without reducing the services.

For instance, in the education budget, almost 50% goes to administration. Isn't the goal of education to teach. Shouldn't almost all of the budget go to teaching. Private schools provide a better education at less cost per student than the public schools. How do they do it? They have less administration expense and they are frugal.

We need people in congress who are willing to do what is necessary without worring about if they will get reelected.

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