Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to break two-party gridlock.

In an article in the Las Vegas Sun, Mr. Friedman says that we must
Break the oligopoly of our two-party system.

He says to adopt "alternative voting." He goes on the state that
one reason independent third-party centrist candidates cannot get elected is because if, in a three=person rate, a Democrat votes for an independent, and the independent loses, the Democrat fears his vote will have actually helped the Republican win, or vice versa. Alternative voting allows you to rank the independent candidate your No.q choice, and the Democrat or Republican No. 2. Therefor, if the independent does not win, your vote is immediately transferred to your second choice.

He says that Australia uses Alternative voting.

I think that it has possibilities.


  1. You're right! See for more background

  2. Jack, thanks for the link. it is very interesting. I will check it out more thoroughly.