Thursday, March 18, 2010

Are we slaves to our government?

This comment recently came to my attention.

"If you check your history you will note something very compelling. Karl Marx wrote what is called the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. This plan is a design for the government to rule over the people. We currently have a legislatively enacted counterpart for each of the ten planks of the communist manifesto. The second plank is a heavy graduated income tax. We have the Internal Revenue Service to make the people fearful and hand over the fruit of their labor. As Ambassador Alan Keyes exclaimed recently, 'If the government has the power to tax even 1% of a man's labor, it has the power to tax 100% of a man's labor and that man is then a slave.' We are all salves by design, and if you doubt it you need to do your research.

These may seem harsh, but when does fear become cowardice? What if the founding fathers had been too afraid to stand against the British Troops? What if the Quakers were too afraid to stand up against slavery? What if the American troops had been too afraid to advance at Normandy? Are your golf clubs, your Lexus and your fine clothes a fair trade for the future of our children? Are you willing to be a slave in order to remain in your comfort zone? Pause and think about that."

Our founding fathers risked their lives to create a Republic with liberty and justice for all. Will you give up an hour on election day to vote and risk a vote for an independent party to send a message to the Republicans and Democrats that you will not take it any more. Send a message that you have had enough and will fight back.

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