Monday, March 29, 2010

Tea Party loves liberty and freedom, brews.anger

This Review Journal article reviews the human side of the Tea Party Searchlight event. Most of you have read about the huge turnout and events, but this is a more personal article.
Thousands gathered for the Tea Party's 'Showdown in Searchlight,' officially to take their righteous stand in the name of liberty and conservative values, but also to vent their anger at the America they find themselves in these days.

The folks I talked to, to a person, were certain the current administration has made them less free. They're sure the Democrats are bankrupting the country, not fixing health care, doing nothing to improve the awful job market, and worst of all are ruining America for future generations.

They love the Constitution. (Applause.)
They love Jesus. (Bigger applause.)
They love liberty. (With due respect to the Almighty, I think liberty received bigger applause.)
They love to say the word liberty. Liberty and freedom. Freedom and liberty. Constitutionally guaranteed freedom and liberty.

The interesting thing is that there was no violence, trouble, or any disturbances.

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