Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Health Care debate and a solution.

If the government can provide better health care at less cost than the private insurance companies, Why doesn't it just provide a voluntary insurance plan? Make it self sustaining without any tax or public support. If it can do it cheaper, then the cost to the public would be cheaper and everyone would want it to save money.

However, the legislators know that it would not be less expensive, but more expensive and it would have to have tax support. Soon, the care will dimish and taxes will be increased to sustain it. Social Security is a good example. The original bill started at 1% in 1937 and increased to until it was 3% from 1948 and after.

It didn't stay at 3% and now we pay 6.2%. We also pay 1.45% for Medicare. Many will argue that the costs have gone up do to inflation, but so have our salaries.

My solution would be to use a voucher system or even a tax deduction to help offset the cost of health insurance. The voucher system would seem to be better because it would help everyone even the unemployed. It would encourage everyone to buy health insurance because they would not get the benefit of the voucher unless they used it.

Look how well the post office is doing. It is not doing as well as FedEX and UPS and it doesn't have to show a profit. It is running on deficits.

Bottom line is to keep government small and limited.

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