Monday, March 22, 2010

Nevada's problems and elections

The Las Vegas Sun has an article about the problems facing Nevada. It says that
The stakes are huge: Address a multibillion-dollar deficit (Raise taxes? Cut spending even more?). Pursue education reform. Redraw Nevada’s political boundaries for the next decade.

It also lists the Election Races to watch. In the Clark County Senate District 9 election, the article says that
Senate incumbent Dennis Nolan has never been a favorite of conservatives.

He sometimes advocated the kinds of government regulation — primary seat-belt law, mandatory motorcycle helmet law — that can raise the ire of conservatives. But last session he guaranteed a primary challenge when he supported the Legislature’s tax increase and the bill giving same-sex couples the right to enter domestic partnerships.

Does this District really want to return an incumbent to office? They only have 2 choices. To vote for me or to vote for one of the 2 Democrats. I say 2 Democrats because one is a Republican in Democrat's clothing and the other is a Democrat.

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