Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soon states will be a subdivision of the Federal Government

In a Review Journal article, Mr.Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute is quoted as saying "on Jan. 22 the federal government added its 2,000th subsidy program." He also noted in a recent issue of the Heartland Institute's Budget & Tax News that "The entire nation is jumping aboard Washington's gravy train."

He also wrote that "As the federal octopus extends its tentacles even further, state governments are becoming no more than regional subdivisions of the national government, businesses and nonprofit groups are becoming tools of the state, and individualism is giving way to a more European desire for cradle-to-grave dependency."

If you do not fight back with your vote, you will lose your country, your freedom, your liberty. Many people have already lost their homes and their jobs. Vote for Independent American Party and the Constitution Party candidates. Send a message that you will not let the Democrats and Republicans ruin America.

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